The Time/Space of Digital Communication: Using Time to Coordinate Actions in Distributed Systems

May 17, 2013
CSB 453
Speaker: Prof. Yoram Moses (Technion)


Communicated messages play a central role in coordinating events in distributed computer systems. In purely asynchronous systems, Lamport's "happened-before" relation, based on message chains, has been shown to govern causality and coordination. This talk will consider the role that guarantees regarding message transmission times play. The existence of clocks and such timing information significantly affect the ways in which sites can coordinate their actions. This talk will characterize communication structures that are necessary and sufficient for coordinating basic patterns of actions in the presence of clocks. In addition, it will draw parallels with time/space diagrams and discuss causality. This talk is based on joint work with Ido Ben Zvi.

Speaker Biography

Professor Yoram Moses is the Israel Pollack Academic Chair at the Technion. He is a recipient of the Godel Prize 1997 and the Dijkstra Award in 2009.

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