Superconductor Electronics and Digital-RF Technology

February 13, 2013
Hosted by: Prof. Ioannis Kymissis
Speaker: Dr. Deepnarayan Gupta , Vice President (HYPRES RF Circuits and Systems Business Division)


Superconductor electronics offer very high-speed digital circuits with very low switching energy and linear conversion between analog and digital domains. Among various large-scale and small-scale applications of superconductor electronics, HYPRES decided to pursue small-scale digital-RF systems. At its core, these systems employ one or more superconductor integrated circuits (ICs) or multi-chip modules (MCMs) operating at 4 K. Direct digitization of RF signals, followed by distribution and processing in the digital domain, facilitates superior monitoring, control and utilization of the RF spectrum and enables advanced communication concepts involving multiple frequency bands and polarizations. A series of modular, multi-function digital-RF receivers has been developed to address various applications, such as satellite communications and electronic warfare. The latest generation of rack-mounted, cryocooled digital receivers incorporates two ADC modules. One such multi-band unit accommodates the entire 2.5-GHz spectrum a satellite: two 1-GHz K (20.2-21.2 GHz) RF bands, corresponding to right-hand and left-hand circular polarizations, and a 0.5-GHz X (7.25-7.75 GHz) RF band. HYPRES digital-RF technology program includes various types of ADCs, such as oversampling delta- and delta-sigma converters, and Nyquist-sampling flash ADCs. In addition to superconductor analog, digital, and mixed-signal ICs, HYPRES RF Circuits and Systems division is developing various other components. These include cooled semiconductor amplifiers for analog RF signals as well as for energy-efficient digital links from 4 K to 300 K, Nb-Si photodiodes, SiGe digital-to-analog converters, and digital signal processing with commercial-off-the-shelf FPGAs. An overview of HYPRES activities in the RF Circuits and Systems area will be described.

Speaker Biography

As Vice President of HYPRES' RF Circuits and Systems Business Division, Dr. Deepnarayan Gupta is responsible for the development of the whole digital-RF program, encompassing analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, digital processors, multi-chip modules, and cryocooled digital systems. Dr. Gupta was instrumental in changing HYPRES' business direction in 2000-2001 to focus on RF technologies and small-scale digital systems. This branch of business has attracted over $75M revenue, which is over 80% of HYPRES business during that period, out of which Dr. Gupta has been directly responsible for over $60M of funding. Since 2003, Dr. Gupta has led HYPRES Research and Development.

At HYPRES, Dr. Gupta has initiated and led over 50 research and development projects in superconductor digital electronic circuits and systems. Dr. Gupta's work spans a wide spectrum, from innovations in circuits and signal processing schemes to the development of technology infrastructure for system integration. Prior to joining HYPRES, Dr. Gupta was a post-doctoral research affiliate at Stanford University, working on hybrid superconductor-semiconductor electronics. This is a theme that he has continued to develop into a hybrid-temperature heterogeneous-technology system concept. His Ph.D. thesis work at University of Rochester involved a new optically-triggered opening switch with high-temperature superconductor thin films.

Dr. Gupta, a senior member of the IEEE, is a coauthor of over 60 articles and holds 27 patents. He serves on the boards of the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) and the United States Committee for Superconductor Electronics, Inc., a non-profit organization responsible for organizing the biennial US workshop on Superconductive Electronics, Devices, Circuits, and Systems, and chaired the 2009 workshop program. Dr. Gupta has been serving as the IEEE Electron Device Society (EDS) representative on the IEEE Council on Superconductivity and on the Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Editorial Board since 2009.

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