Spring 2005 Required Texts List

Course# Instructor Title Author Publisher
EE E1201 G. Cowan Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications Microelectronic Circuits Hambley/Tsividis Prentice Hall
EE E3331 R. Melville Microelectronic Circuits Sedra & Smith Oxford
EE E3401 A. Sen Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics Diament, Rao Prentice Hall
EE E3701 I. Kalet Communication Systems Haykin Wiley
EE E3900 M. Schwartz America Calling: Getting the Message: The Creation of the Media Solymar, Solymar, Fischer Oxford Univ. Basic Books
EE E4301 R. Laibowitz Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits Muller, Kamms Wiley
ELEN E4314 Y. Tsividis Analog Integrated Circuits for Communication Pederson & Mayaram Springer
EE E4318 Y. Baeyans Microwave Engineering Pozar Wiley
EECS E4340 P. Kudva Class notes will be printed    
EE E4703 P. Diament Wireless Communications Rappaport Wiley
EE E4815 I. Kalet Probability and Random Processes Miller Elsevier Press
EE E4830 S.F. Chang Digital Image Processing Gonzalez Pearson
EE E4896 A. Eleftheriadis Total Recording w/ listening CD
Total Recording w/ listening CD
EE E6312 P. Kinget Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Razavi Univ. of California
EE E6321 K. Shepard Design of High Performance Microprocessor Cir. Chandrakasan Wiley/IEEE Press
EE E6332 W. Wang      
EE E6412 J. Misewich Fundamentals of Photonics Saleh & Teich Wiley
EE E6413 K. Bergman Fiber-Optic Communication Systems
Nonlinear Fiber Optics
Govind and Agrawal
Academic Press
EE E6712 E. Soljanin Digital Communications Proakis McGraw Hill
EE E6717 V. Castelli Elements of Information Theory Cover and Thomas Wiley
EE E6718 A. Ashikhmin Error Control Coding Lin Prentice Hall
EE E6762 N. Maxemchuck      
EE E6768 Dan Rubenstein No Text    
EE E6820 D. Ellis Speech & Audio Signal Processing
Matlab Stud. Version w/ Simulink Rel. 13
EE E6883 X. Wang Error Control Coding Lin Prentice Hall
EE E6902 P. Jelenkovic TBA    
EE E6906 A. Lazar Sensory Transduction Fain Sinauer Associates
EE E6907 S. Wind No Text    
EE E6908 Hyberstsen & Lang Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems Physics at Surfaces Datta Zangwell Cambridge Univ. Press
EE E6951 A. Campbell No Text    

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