Solid-State Fabrication, Structure, and Multifunctional Applications of Carbon Nanotube Yarns and Transparent Sheets

November 15, 2006
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Interschool Lab- 7th Floor - Schapiro/CEPSR
Hosted by: James Yardley - CISE
Speaker: Ray Baughman, University of Texas at Dallas


Novel methods are described for producing polymer-free carbon nanotube yarns and transparent sheets, together with their properties and applications as multifunctional materials. The yarns are strong, highly resistant to creep and to knot or abrasion-induced failure and provide a giant tunable Poisson’s ratio for stretch in the fiber direction. The nanotube sheets have higher gravimetric strength than the strongest steel sheet or the polymers used for ultralight air vehicles and proposed for solar sails. Applications evaluations are described for artificial muscles, thermal and light harvesting, energy storage, field-emission electron sources, electrically conducting appliqués, three types of lamps, displays, and sensors.

R.H. Baughman, M. Zhang, S. Fang, A. A. Zakhidov, M. Kozlov, S. B. Lee, A. E. Aliev (University of Texas at Dallas), and K. R. Atkinson (CSIRO Textile & Fibre Technology, Belmont, Victoria, Australia)

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