Solar Energy 2006: Status Report and Potential

October 11, 2006
Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm
209 Havemeyer Hall
Hosted by: Horst Stormer - CISE
Speaker: E. Bucher, University of Konstanz, Germany


This talk will address 2 basic problems plaguing our world’s society: 1) abundant cheap clean primary energy and 2) related to it: the freshwater problem (because that also needs energy). The solution is seen in a massive development of solar energy with all its possibilities: solar thermal energy, solar electricity, biomass, wind and some less known possibilities like updraft towers, tidal power, floating turbines etc. Information of all these forms of primary energies will be supplied, in particular: their present contribution, energy harvest factors, energy payback times, costs and their possible contribution to our energy needs over the next few decades. The role of nuclear energy will also be briefly discussed in particular with respect to its social implications. The talk will not be strictly technical but is intended to be rather informative to a general audience.

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