Nucleic Acid Logic Circuits for Programming Biology

February 12, 2008
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Interschool Lab, Room 750 CEPSR
Hosted by: Prof. Aurel Lazar
Speaker: Georg Seelig, California Institute of Technology


I will discuss the design and experimental implementation of DNA-based logic gates and circuits in vitro. For their operation, the gates rely exclusively on sequence recognition and strand displacement reactions. Inputs and outputs are single-stranded nucleic acids and biological nucleic acids such as microRNAs can serve as inputs. I will demonstrate logical AND, OR, and NOT, as well as thresholding and catalytic signal amplification.Since both inputs and outputs take the same form, individual gates and small circuits can conveniently be composed into circuits with many components arranged in multiple layers. I will describe how such molecular circuitry can be applied to the analysis and control of biological systems.

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