Fieldwork and Off-Campus Internship Guidelines

Off-Campus Internships

Students in the Electrical Engineering Department and Computer Engineering program have often been attracted to engaging in off-campus part-time internship opportunities during the academic year (and full time opportunities during the summer). Scheduling permitting, students may work maximum of 20 hours per week during an academic term.

Internship for Academic Credit

Guidelines: A typical internship (CPT) will be approved for 1 credit per term. There is no 0.5 credit course. In EE department, the total number of credits for CPT, which count towards the EE MS degree, can not exceed 2. If a student takes a 1.5 credit CPT course, any additional CPT course credits would not count towards the 30 credits for the MS EE degree. If a student is taking CPT credit during a particular semester (other than summer), he/she must be taking a class during that semester as well. Students need to follow the rules specified by the ISSO and F-1 CPT (Curricular Practical Training).

To determine eligibility, please refer to the Internship Process document.

In order to commence, the student must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The student must submit a Fieldwork Supervised Internship Request Form (ELEN E6999) in order to be approved for Fieldwork. You will need to submit an official written offer letter from the employer stating the terms of employment through the request form. In your offer letter there must be a description of duties in sufficient detail to clearly show them as appropriate to meeting the requirements for your degree.
  2. Employment may not exceed 20 hours per week during the academic year.

Obtaining Approval from ISSO

Once the Electrical Engineering Department (or Computer Engineering Committee) has approved your request for Fieldwork, you must also obtain approval from ISSO.

In order to obtain approval from the ISSO, you must complete the following steps in order:

  1. Register for Fieldwork. The course will be ELEN E6999. The section will be outlined in your departmental approval letter from Electrical or Computer Engineering. You will receive this from Elsa Sanchez or a member of the staff or faculty.
  2. Once registered, bring your Fieldwork approval letter (available at the front desk on the 13th Fl. of Mudd), your employment/offer letter, passport, I-94 card and I-20 to the ISSO. Please note that an electronic copy is not accepted, you must bring printed copies to the ISSO. It will take up to (3) business days in order to obtain authorization to start the internship.

Internship Evaluation Reports

In order to earn a grade for the internship performed, the Department requires:

  1. The employer must submit an Electrical and Computer Engineering Supervisor Internship Evaluation Report, stating your responsibilities, performance, time frame, and number of hours worked.
  2. The student must submit an Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Internship Report, elaborating on the experience, projects, and relevance to degree program.

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